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We Are Galesburg, tell us how you would make it better We Are Galesburg, tell us how you would make it better

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This morning Reader’s Digest certified the results and Galesburg finished 2nd in the nation in the “We Hear You America” contest!!

Of the over 4,000 cities across our nation, Galesburg citizens and those who love this town were able to organize together, work together and win together better than nearly any other city! That is a task worth celebrating!!

Thank you for YOUR efforts!!

As you know the City of Galesburg has passed a resolution to endow all the winnings from this contest. We believe that the creation of this endowment honors what we have accomplished together. Our collective votes have planted a seed to start new programs and projects that will bring lasting benefit to our community. And each year as new grants are made we will be reminded of what WE started, what WE have begun.

As we said during the final summary…

This isn’t the end, it was NEVER the end.

It is the beginning.

And now it begins…

This is YOUR chance to invest in the idea that we came to believe could help this community and its residents rise to meet any challenge.

That believing in ourselves and those around us would allow us to accomplish much more than any single individual effort.

That choosing to see the positive in our area is a great way to begin to address the areas that we want to help to become positives.

This will be yet another example.

This is your chance to make an impact in a way that you believe in.

Please make a donation to the “We Are Galesburg Fund”. Currently, our fund has $50,000. No gift is too large. No gift is too small.

We will continue the theme we embraced in the contest…

Let’s start now!!


Click this link and let’s begin the journey together….

Find us on Facebook at: We Are Galesburg